How Do I Sell My House Fast

Posted by Shamrock Homes // August 2, 2017 // Denver / Sell A House

How do I sell my house fast in Denver? There are many just like you thinking the same thing but without a clear answer. Of course, you would not want to take an uninformed decision because real estate transactions are no joke. Selling a house fast can become a challenge for various reasons such as; […]

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5 Characteristics of the Best Real Estate Companies

Posted by Shamrock Homes // July 26, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver / Sell A House

If you are looking for the best real estate companies in Denver, you want to make sure you pick one only after thorough research. Not all real estate companies are equal in the level of services they provide. Hiring the wrong people in this serious business can cost you big time. Whether you are looking […]

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Picking the Right Home: New vs. Old

Posted by Shamrock Homes // July 19, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver

How many years have you spent dreaming about picking the right home? Jumping into the real estate market can be one of the best decisions you can make. Buying a house means you can forget about paying rent and say goodbye to your intrusive landlord for good. A house is a life-long investment where you […]

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5 Tips to Generate Sustainable Passive Income

Posted by Shamrock Homes // July 12, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver

Passive income is a great way to earn retirement income without doing much work. It is also a great choice if you want to pay off debt or simply want to live a more comfortable life. With passive income, you could live as well in your retirement years as you did during your peak earning […]

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Selecting a Real Estate Agent: License

Posted by Shamrock Homes // July 5, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver / Sell A House

When you are selecting a real estate agent, you obviously want the best in town. However, with agents showing off their expertise through online ads, yard signs, sponsored public benches and online ads, how do you cut through all the hype? You need to opt for someone who has been in the business for years […]

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Retirement Investment Options: Real Estate

Posted by Shamrock Homes // June 28, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver

Developing your retirement plan is an important and at times complex. Some retirement investment options are stocks, bonds, annuities, real estate, mutual funds, venture capital and hedge funds. The list is far from over, believe me. All these options have their merits and demerits, carrying a varying level of risk. The golden principle of economics […]

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Why You Need to Research Your Future Neighborhood

Posted by Shamrock Homes // June 21, 2017 // Buy A House / Denver // Buy a House / Denver Real Estate

Consider this; you just purchased the nicest house in one of the quietest neighborhoods around, or maybe you are gravely mistaken. What went wrong? You conducted your house hunting exercise in winter, but guess what? The weather has gotten a lot warmer and now the streets are crowded with rowdy teenagers who play loud music […]

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How Important is a Roof Inspection?

Posted by Shamrock Homes // June 14, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Denver // Buy a House / Denver Real Estate Companies / Home Buying Tips / Home Inspection / Roof Inspection

The roof plays a crucial role in protecting the house’s structure. This is why you should ensure it is in a good condition before sealing the deal on your new home. A roof inspection is typically part of your home inspection. The roof is designed to defend your house against dangerous outside elements. It is […]

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Your Guide to the Colorado Probate Process

Posted by Shamrock Homes // June 7, 2017 // Blog / Denver // Colorado Probate Process / Inheriting a House / Selling a house after death

It’s hard to imagine your own demise or that of a family member or close friend. However, no one can prevent the inevitable so it’s important to prepare the estate before the end of life. When someone dies, their leftover possessions are their “estate”. An estate is anything from real estate to furniture, a car, […]

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Using Private Money for Real Estate

Posted by Shamrock Homes // May 24, 2017 // Blog / Denver

To be a successful real estate investor, you need to be creative. Thinking outside the box pays big time when it comes to real estate deals. To make your name and some profit along with it, you need to have ample financial backing. Banks and lenders that are more traditional might not be always willing […]

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